The number of this port will always be assigned to the same unit. Also fixes a bug in restoring the network settings of the MiniPlex-2E. Just plug in the USB cable, load the driver disk, a few clicks and you’re up and running! Insert the driver disk into the diskdrive and click OK. The MiniPlex-Lite will operate with any navigation software package through the virtual COM port created by the driver.

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Add to Cart Add to wish list Add to comparison list. Clear wireless remotes knob: A new version of MPX-Config may be required after the update, to utilize new functions of the multiplexer. Improves reading the multiplexer configuration with high Miniplex4-1 traffic. This port will be named COMx were x is the first number available after the existing serial ports. Send an email to privacy navstore. In which case, you will only pay SVB’s price for the product.

At the time of this writing, the. To conserve miniolex-41, this sentence has no checksum. The multiplexer responds with the following version sentence: The AuditGard lock maintains the last lock events in non-volatile memory. Bugfix in setting system time from GPS. The installed driver will provide a virtual serial port, which can be used by existing applications like any normal serial port.


Add to wish list. The MiniPlex-Lite will operate with any navigation software miniple-x41 through the virtual COM port created by the driver.

Miniplex Manuals, Drivers and Firmware

Instruction Manual Firmware version: Midland BT Updater After you downloaded the BT Updater setup application from the web site, double click on it and follow the installation procedure. This document applies to Part Numbers:. This connects the printer to. Each sentence is then sent to the talker ports and the USB port.

Shipmodul MiniPlex-Lite USB NMEA Multiplexer Model

There are three ways to resolve this overflow situation: You can always have your email address removed from our mailing lists. We advise to make screen shots of the current configuration using the miniplwx-41 version of MPX-Config3 first. We only have a small quantity of this article in stock. No configuration is needed, no baud rates to select. This rating belongs to item no.

The required MiniPlex firmware V3. In this mode, the combination of computer and multiplexer acts as an NMEA server.


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The same sentence is sent by the multiplexer in response to a CFQ sentence. User’s Manual GV-Joystick User’s Manual Before attempting to connect or operate this product, please read these instructions carefully and save this manual for future use.

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Some instruments have single ended talker ports, with only one data terminal. Ask other SVB customers who have already purchased this product from us for your experience.

JavaScript is disabled on your browser! ShipModul manufacturer s mnemonic. About This Guide 3 About This Guide This user guide is intended for Photovoltaic PV system owners, installers, technicians, maintainers, administrators and integrators who are authorized to configure. Powered from the USB bus.