Anonymous March 9, at 4: I used this code instead: I have the installed and the driver loaded 5TB storage setup. You should see any LUNs you had created previously. You can not post a blank message. It is missing all the xml tags.

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The script is coded to only report to the log file and send the e-mail: I have gone over the script but can’t figure why this is happening! My old script is still running on my ESX system and working fine.

3ware 9750-4i to work with ESXI5.5u2? (Flash it?)

I run a SEML myself. Bad substitution any ideas how I should try to debug 3qare – sorry, I am new to shell scripting in esxi Thanks, Paul A.

Luciano Wednesday, October 17, at Anonymous September 21, at That was a bunch of headaches trying to figure out the syntax. I 9650se-4lpjl even think of the differences in time formats Can you help me? Ok so far so good.


I tried hard to get it work in esx 5. Monitor, back-up and validate your DNS records.

Anonymous March 14, at I tried to delete the drives in the BIOS in order to recreate them as single drives again. I have the same question Show 0 9650se-4loml 0.

Jos, I think you do need to re-post your script in your original article as the xml tags do not exist in your pasted code – this was one of the issues I had to resolve. Anonymous May 16, at 7: You can not post a blank message. Josh Wesley March 8, at Anonymous June 20, at I do still get an error though at the end of the scrip: Also note, your script has: But no devices show up on the controller Anonymous August 18, at It is helped me with the work in the e-mail.

Recommendations to replace 3ware SE-4LPML | ServeTheHome and Forums

Once it’s open, you should be in the root directory of your vSphere CLI. Apparently there was some issues with the way the date was parsed outside of the USA. Please select the SE from the Storage Adapters view in your screenshot, right click and select Rescan.


What is the first line of your script? If you don’t, you’ll get an alert aftwards that the driver 9650se-4llpml not be installed because it’s not in maintenance mode.

Josh’s Technology Blog: VMWare ESXi RAID Email Alerts

I’m confident that a upgrade to 6. I have installed that driver to see if ESXi 6. You should be able to add a single quote 9650se-4lpjl your password variable if you want to but it is not required.

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