The Abs Diet is a sensible eating and exercise plan, not a fad diet. The Abs Diet Powerfoods and the Abs Diet Workout are designed to make you fit, healthy, and. The Abs Diet is a 6-week plan that requires working out. You could drop up to 12 pounds of belly fat in 2 weeks, plus get a six-pack in 6 weeks.‎Expert Reviews · ‎Recipes · ‎Health & Nutrition · ‎3 Dos & Don'ts. But if you reduce your overall body fat with a healthy, balanced diet and exercise, you'll lose the tire muffin and reveal the glorious abs you've.


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Although it is called the Abs Diet, the author is cautious in suggesting that you can spot-reduce, i. Spot-reduction has been dismissed by dieticians and personal trainers, though a study at The Copenhagen Muscle Research Center, University of Copenhagen suggests that it might be possible to spot reduce with the abs diet exercises.

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And finally, swap a gin and tonic for a gin and diet tonic. Now you understand the basics, start adding these ingredients the abs diet your diet to burn fat, boost your metabolism and reduce stress.

Mushrooms are a great low-calorie way to add bulk to stews and pasta sauces, the abs diet to American research. One cheat meal a week is allowed where you can eat whatever you want.


The Abs Diet essentially advises eating natural foods while introducing exercise. While this is good, it may be hard for some to continue the diet without wanting to the abs diet unhealthy foods more often than just once a week.

There is also a lot of effort required due to the strenuous exercises. Interval workouts and lighter activities are also advised.

The Abs Diet for Weight Loss

One myth that this diet claims to be real is the spot reduction claim. They claim you can directly target the abdominals which has been disproven as fat loss cannot be singled out.

Yale Scientific has this to say: Plus, they're incredibly versatile. Snack on dry-roasted soybeans, toss shelled edamame into soups, and slip a spoonful of the abs diet tofu into your morning smoothie. Liquid soy also makes a good meal replacement: A study from the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that overweight subjects who drank a soy milk—based meal replacement lost more weight than those who consumed a traditional dairy-based diet drink.

Twenty-five grams of whole not isolated soy protein daily.

The Abs Diet 6/10

A half cup of steamed edamame contains about calories and 11 grams of protein. Four ounces of tofu 94 calories contain 10 grams.

Choose whole soy foods over products packed with "isolated soy protein" — the latter may not provide all the benefits of whole soybeans. Apples A study in the journal Nutrition found that overweight women who the abs diet three apples or pears a day for three months lost more weight than their counterparts who were fed a similar diet with oat cookies instead of fruits.

The Abs Diet | All the Info and Guidelines for the Abs Diet

The abs diet also contain quercetin, a compound shown to help fight certain cancers, reduce cholesterol damage, and promote healthy lungs. An apple or two a day. I bought it a couple years ago but never read it because I was doing well with weight loss on my own.

After falling off the wagon for a while then deciding to the abs diet back on again, I picked it up and started reading.

I'm glad I did!

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