Course version: Course announcements. This course will give you in depth knowledge and a comprehensive overview of advanced processes in. Veja grátis o arquivo SCM Purchasing enviado para a disciplina de Consultoria Categoria: Anotações - 10 - In SAP Purchasing Training (SCMv), you will learn how to become familiar with options for optimizing and simplifying purchasing processes and their.


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All items not converted into PO items can be scm520 purchasing as requisitions, so that already entered data is not lost.

SCM520 Purchasing

scm520 purchasing Assigned items that cannot be converted into POs because they are subject to a release procedure, for instance, can likewise be saved as requisition items.

If scm520 purchasing selected items are procured from several vendors, an overview is displayed for selection purposes. Position the cursor on a vendor and click Choose to generate the PO. The system consolidates the items for the chosen vendor and generates a purchase order.

Create purchase order with automatic source determination: Catalogs from other suppliers can also be connected. Procurement in ERP with Catalog After calling the catalog, you can select the material that you scm520 purchasing to request or order.


If you subsequently place scm520 purchasing in the shopping cart, these are automatically applied in the purchase requisition or purchase order.

Establishing a connection to catalogs: Further Aspects of Source Determination If more than one catalog is connected, you can choose the scm520 purchasing catalog from a list. The Regular Vendor You use the Regular Vendor indicator in the info record to specify that a material is to be procured client-wide from this vendor.

The regular vendor is thus comparable with the fixed vendor that can be specified in the source list for the lower organizational level plant.

Kurs: SCM Purchasing -

You should use the regular vendor only if you have nothing other than info records stored in the system for a material and if you prefer not to create a source scm520 purchasing to control the source determination process.

Regular Vendor You set the indicator for the regular vendor in the general data of the info record. In order for the regular vendor to be pulled during source determination, regular vendor usage must be activated in Customizing for the relevant plant.

If the indicator has been set in the info record and the appropriate Customizing setting has been made, the regular vendor is proposed as the only source.

Szkolenia SAP

If you set this in another info record, you will receive a warning. The indicator will be deleted in the other info record scm520 purchasing you acknowledge this.


Text indicator in the purchasing organization data of the info record. Both texts are displayed and printed if the No Mat.

Szkolenie SAP SCM - Purchasing

Text indicator is not set. Special Types of Info Records Figure Purchasing Scm520 purchasing Record There are two types of info record: Info records can be suggested by the system as a source for material groups as sources when you manually create a requisition item without a material master record.

The system does not automatically take info records for material groups into account when you create a purchase order. However, you can choose and assign them in the item overview using the search help Info Records for Material Group on the relevant field.


The order unit and the material group are taken into account as checking criteria. Info records can also be created for external processing without a material reference.

These frequently have scm520 purchasing subcontracting info type and are used in work plans. If a production order is created with an external processing operation for which an info record has been entered, a requisition is generated automatically for external processing.

The result enables you to automatically update the corresponding times. Purchasing Scm520 purchasing Record Exercise 3: Purchasing Information Record Exercise Objectives After completing this exercise, you will be able to:

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