HindIII and EcoRI was subcloned into a pSPT18 vector that was also purified using the Quick Spin Columns (TE) kit (Roche) for radiolabeled DNA purification. Your genomic workflow begins with nucleic acid purification. Roche Molecular Diagnostics has revolutionized automated sample preparation with nearly 2 decades of expertise. Benefit from Roche's experience in real-time PCR and achieve precise, consistent results with a full range of Missing: hindiii ‎| ‎Must include: ‎hindiii. Applicant name: F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG . specific pFC82 recombinant plasmid carrying an kb HindIII Taq DNA fragment comprising the.


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April summarising assays of NEB Taq; EP-B-0 claiming priority dates from August and 17 June The appellant's arguments in writing and during oral proceedings which are relevant for the present decision may be summarized as follows: Admissibility of the documents filed on appeal The documents relating to the prior sales of Taq polymerase which were filed hindiii roche the grounds of appeal could not have been filed earlier as they were not available.

Those filed with submissions dated 7. January had only very recently come to the appellant's attention in the light of concurrent national proceedings in Germany.

Restriction Enzymes

The other documents also filed on appeal hindiii roche that at the hindiii roche date, the skilled person would have cloned the Taq polymerase gene without exercising inventive skills.

All these documents were prima facie highly relevant and, thus, should be accepted into the proceedings. Articles 2 and 84 EPC; added subject-matter, clarity - The application as filed did not provide a basis for the subject-matter of claim 1 as it did not disclose a DNA which consisted in the nucleotide sequence encoding the amino acid sequence given in Figure 1: Claims 4 and 5 had become redundant now that the subject-matter of claim 1 had been restricted to the specific DNA sequence encoding the Taq polymerase protein.


Article 54 3 4 EPC; novelty; claims 7 and 8 Claims 7 or 8 were not limited to Taq DNA sequences - isolated or as parts of recombinant vectors- only consisting in the DNA encoding the Taq polymerase, as their wording did not exclude the possibility that extra Taq DNA be present upstream or downstream of said sequence.

Therefore, they lacked novelty over the disclosure in document 64 of the specific pFC82 recombinant plasmid carrying an 8. Article 56 EPC, inventive step; claim 1 - The subject-matter of claim 1 lacked inventive step over the teachings of either of documents 12hindiii roche or 28 which all disclosed methods for the purification of the Taq polymerase enzyme.

The then competent board concluded that they did not enable the isolation of the enzyme and thus, decided in favour of inventive step of a cloned DNA expressing it.

Telomerase Inhibition: Strategies and Protocols - Lucy Andrews - Google grāmatas

Yet, these findings were not binding on the present board and, thus, the appellant maintained all his arguments against inventive step on the basis of said documents.

In fact, seven lots of it had been sold up until that date, as was shown in Exhibits 3 and 4 which accompanied document The enzyme was free of contaminating proteins such as nucleases document 49page Its purity was even acknowledged by the respondent during the US trial document A pure preparation of the Taq polymerase enzyme being available, it was a matter of routine to isolate the gene by the technique of expression cloning using Lambdagt11 as cloning vector documents 535657 To obtain antibodies against said enzyme - ultimately to be used for screening the positive clones expressing it- was, as admitted by hindiii roche respondent, an easy if somewhat lengthy task.

If the commercially available preparation was not considered sufficiently pure for raising specific anti-Taq polymerase antibodies, it could be purified further according to well-known methods such as separation from contaminating moieties by "activity gels".

It should also be kept in mind that retrieving a positive clone was possible even if the antibodies used for screening were not all directed against the Taq polymerase, as it was just a matter of testing more of the prima facie positive clones for their ability to express the enzyme parts thereof.

Even a fragment of the Taq protein could hindiii roche used for raising antibodies suitable for screening.

  • HIND III Restriction Endonuclease from ROCHE
  • Antibody Engineering - Google grāmatas
  • Twenty-Seventh Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals - Google Books
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Alternatively, antibodies against a related protein such as E. Samples were incubated overnight at 37C. Digested DNA was cleaned up by phenol-chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation. The second volume, Immunology, Model Systems, and Clinical Studies, contains user-friendly protocols for hindiii roche study of host immune responses to hindiii roche, in vitro and in vivo models of infection, and the development of antivirals.

Telomerase Inhibition: Strategies and Protocols - Lucy Andrews - Google Books

Authors may submit hindiii roche articles, reviews and opinion or hypothesis papers dealing with the role of protein-protein interactions in health and disease.

A Multidisciplinary Look at Stenotrophomonas maltophilia: The biorefinery concept continues to grow as a unifying framework and vision, and the biorefinery theme f- tured prominently in many talks and presentations.

Role of Protein-Protein Hindiii roche in Metabolism:

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