Why should I get AdWords certified? Will a certification make any difference? How will it help my digital marketing career? Where to start with Google AdWords. online professionals. It's also where you take the AdWords certification exams. Learn advanced optimization strategies for AdWords. Read the online guides. AdWords Fundamentals assessment study guide. About the Google Ads Fundamentals assessment. Next: Grow your business with Google Ads. Welcome to the.


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Sign in to Google Partners. Below that, select AdWords, pictured below. As Google adwords fundamentals said above, you can take any one of the complementary tests to become certified, so consider which area of advertising you feel would benefit you most.


Are the majority of your clients in the e-commerce space? Then take shopping as your second exam.

Complete Guide to the NEW AdWords Certification Test

Preparation Tips for the AdWords Certification Tests Google adwords fundamentals we can even talk about popping bottles, we should talk about prepping for the test.

Here are some resources I recommend utilizing to get you up-to-speed.

Google has a thorough study guide center to help you prepare for each exam. No thanks, not happening.

I absolutely love this program, and recommended it in my first blog post written for WordStream. It still holds true.

Complete Guide to the NEW AdWords Certification Test | WordStream

Their system is the perfect way to practice and pass the AdWords exams. The program gives you practice tests that ask very similar questions to the real exam.

  • Academy for Ads

I reused the system recently before getting re-certified and noticed several duplicate questions from iPass in google adwords fundamentals live exam. Companies put a high value on certifications.


It shows that you are dedicated to your career. Your chosen company will also be able to link your certification to their company, therefore increasing the number of individual certifications.

Academy for Ads – Google

If the agency you are applying to do not have a google adwords fundamentals yet, you can use your certification as leverage during the job offer. Since certificates expire 12 months after taking an exam, continuous learning is key to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date.

This knowledge will not only help you in taking the exams but regular learning will also help you advance professionally.

Read the Google AdWords guides If you do not have an extensive experience in using Google Adwords prior to taking the exam, read the study guides. Even if you have a working knowledge, it is recommended to read and brush up on your understanding of the different topics.


The fundamental guide starts google adwords fundamentals a "What is Adwords? Regardless if you will take the certification or not, these study guides are a great way to start learning about AdWords.

Complete guide to Google AdWords Certification: Tips & Tricks, Tutorials, and Study Resources

Write your own notes Another suggestion is to print the guides and write down your own notes. This will allow google adwords fundamentals to better comprehend each topic. Create a cheat sheet too that you can quickly scan for ideas during the test.

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