MARCH UPDATE: I disabled Comments for this page. The review below has been one of the most-visited pages on this site for several. "For a Lost Soldier" (Voor een verloren soldaat) I made this video montage presentation about. For a Lost Soldier Full Film w/English Subtitles Part 1.


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For a Lost Soldier - IMDb

I was amazed to discover that about a third of the novel is given over to the boy's experience when he returns to Amsterdam after the war is ended. It is in the last part of the novel that the reader is aware of a disconnectedness that emerges for Jerone; he looks for his former lover and feels detached from the life he has returned to.

His intensity borders on a mental collapse. At the end of the novel for a lost soldier reader encounters the strong impact of Walt on the boy.

Jerone is an adult and in his remembrance of Walt and at the very end imagines his hand on his knee, in a sexual fantasy of his.

For a Lost Soldier - Wikipedia

The novel is a greater work. In that it is more complex. The reader doesn't have the happy conclusion of the lost soldier being found. In when the Canadian soldiers return to Amsterdam to celebrate for a lost soldier Anniversary of the end of the war, Jerone makes an effort to locate Walt, but to no success.

Sexual abuse or sentimental romance? ‘For a Lost Soldier’ | The Same Cinema Every Night

As a boy, he was evacuated from Amsterdam in to live in a coastal town, where he would be safer and better fed. A boy who looks like a child, it should be noted.


Actor Maarten Smit hardly looks mature for his age. Instead, the movie presents their relationship in romantic terms. In a later scene, Jeroen lies face down, again shirtless, on the bed, while Walt lies on top of for a lost soldier and does… what, exactly?

The scene is tightly framed to prevent us from seeing if Walt is sodomizing the boy.

Customer reviews of For a Lost Soldier on Amazon. Jeroen's foster parents are aware of the closeness between the boy for a lost soldier Walt, but it is left ambiguous whether they are aware of the sexual nature of the relationship.

After a few more days, Walt's troops are ordered to move and Walt leaves without saying goodbye to Jeroen.

Jeroen hears about it from his foster sisters that they are leaving and he rushes to the soldiers' home, but for a lost soldier that they have already left.

The film suggests that Walt attempts to tell Jeroen's foster father the prior for a lost soldier that the troops would be leaving, but gives up when the language barrier becomes obvious. Jeroen searches throughout town, unable to find any trace of Walt, and is further devastated when he returns home and sees that the shirt where he had stored a photo of Walt was on a clothesline in the rain, ruining the photo.

Later that night, Jeroen is lying awake in his bed and notices Walt's dog tag on a scarecrow that had posed as "Walt" in a photo with his foster family, and races outside to grab the tag.

However, Jeroen touches for a lost soldier wire on the scarecrow and badly hurts his hand.

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