The effective services and responses offered to players requests

Our customer service agents are knowledgeable about the helpline, self-exclusion or timeout, responsible gambling and local help resources and able to provide that information on request. Self exclusion is a player-initiated restriction on their ability to play on the site. Players have the choice of registering online through their player account or with a customer service agent.

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The ban length is variable but is a minimum of 30 days and includes a lifetime option. Players have options to select the length. All bans, no matter what length, are irrevocable. Bans stay in effect indefinitely and accounts are not automatically re-opened until players go through the reinstatement process.

Excluded players do not receive any promotional materials. Players who exclude also receive information about available help services like helpline number and counseling. Players receive clearly worded information that outlines the conditions of the ban. Players receive an outline of the conditions of the ban during registration and by email. The player’s account is closed or suspended so that no deposits or bets can be placed. Any new accounts detected following entry into a self-exclusion/timeout will be closed so that no deposits or bets can be placed.